Car DVR- Record your drive affordably!

What is Car DVR?

Car DVR is a popular device used as rear view recorder in cars. This can enable your vehicle to function and also appear great. There are several vehicles which require setting up a digital camera inside for documenting purposes. It has emerged as a very important car accessory which is designed to deal with unpredictability of other drivers on the road. There are drivers who misinterpret traffic rules causing accidents as such Car DVR is your solution to this. It helps you to record live streams from both front and rear of the vehicle preventing mishaps. In case of any accident Car DVR can be of use to help you get good insurance claims.
How to choose a car DVR?
There are certain things that are to be kept in mind while purchasing a Car DVR:
The video resolution and the frame should be considered while purchasing a DVR. You can also get a high-definition DVR depending on your budget.
You can decide on the number of cameras that is to be installed within your vehicle. Some cars have only one camera recording just the front of the car. However you can install two cameras for recording things inside the car. There are two types of night vision camera that you can purchase like LED night vision camera and IR night vision camera. Both are equally good and can be purchased according to your budget. Some cameras have additional built-in features like GPS logger and G-sensor. The former helps in tracking the travel path and storing it in the memory card while the latter is used for recording the gravity sensing information.

Uses of Car DVR

You can purchase highly competent Car DVR at wholesale price online. It is a new fashion digital gadget that performs various functions like:
You can record your memorable moments while driving.
It improves the discipline of the personal driver.
Monitors the surrounding of the car in the absence of the owner.
It protects your vehicle from being a target of criminal frauds.
You can record your journey to cherish memories of a lifetime.
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