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good product, good price, fast shipping! "


good, reasonable for this price, thanks daisy's recommend. "


Just tell them the frequency bands that I want to block, soon they told me that this 3G/4G All Frequency Portable Cell Phone Jammer can meet with my requirements. Have bought one and always works well. "

Teddy Newland

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More Info About LED Clock

Features and benefits of Digital LED Clock

Digital LED clock inherent characteristics of the decision it is best to replace the traditional light source light source, it has a wide range of uses.

Digital LED clock is basically a small chip is encapsulated in epoxy, so it is very small, very light.

Low power consumption
Digital LED clock power consumption is very low, in general, LED clock voltage is 2-3.6V. Operating current is 0.02-0.03A. That is to say: it does not exceed power consumption of 0.1W.

Long life
The right current and voltage, LED clock life up to 100,000 hours

High brightness, low-calorie, environmental protection
Digital LED clock is non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury can cause pollution, while LED clock can also be recycled.

Digital LED clock is completely encapsulated in epoxy, it is more than light bulbs and fluorescent tubes are solid. Light body and no loose parts, these features make the LED can be said is not easily damaged.

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