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Just tell them the frequency bands that I want to block, soon they told me that this 3G/4G All Frequency Portable Cell Phone Jammer can meet with my requirements. Have bought one and always works well. "

Teddy Newland

Have tested the jammer after receive it and everything is fine, now I can live a better condition. "

Jesica Gaw

Just take 4 days for me to receive the package in Australia after the shipping. I am satisfied with the shipping speed. "

Donovan Hammons

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 Wholesale Android Tablets From China

 Check out ChinaJiaho's Carefully Selected Line of High Quality Android Tablets, This Category is a One-Stop Store for China Wholesale Tablet PC - Buy Wholesale Tablet Laptops, Which Have Great Resale Potential.

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More Info About Tablet PC

Android Tablet PC, short for Tablet Personal Computer that is a flat shape of the notebook computer. The same as the ipad, it has a big touch screen, also that is known as tablet technology. The big screen allows users to carry out operations rather than the traditional keyboard or mouse with stylus or digital pen.

On the android tablet , you can built-in handwriting recognition, on-screen soft keyboard, voice recognition, or even a real keyboard if the model is equipped with it. android tablet also has AlphaTap and Shark shorthand such software; such software allows users typing speed of the stylus to enter text.

Then, most android tablets use Wacom tablet, the tablet can quickly get the location of the stylus, "tell" the computer. Using this tablet the Tablet PC in its screen surface to produce a weak magnetic field, which can only be installed within the stylus to play a role. So users can safely put your hands on the screen, as only affecting the screen will stylus.

However, as for the equipment around the potential for interference exists, many states have taken place of the cursor number "shaking" of the problem, the problem will deepen the difficulty of some operations, for instance, when trying to draw lines, write small print, etc.

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